Understanding the high demand of the market in the field of quality, increasing volumes and observing the terms of production, UMLZ continuously implements the latest technologies in its production, applies its own developments, purchases modern technological equipment, invests in personnel development, attracts only highly qualified personnel for performing complex tasks.


Foundry capacity to produce 200-250 tonnes of salable casting of cast iron and steel of various grades in a month


The foundry subdivision of the enterprise is equipped with arc furnace and induction furnaces with capacity from 0.16 to 1.8 tons

"UMLZ" LLC produces high-quality castings using modern technologies.

Foundry equipment and casting technology for gasifying models (LGM) allow producing serial, small-scale production, single products, emergency orders.

Progressive technologies of melting and molding in the foundry are introduced and mastered:

  • founding of metal in induction furnaces IST 0,5; IST 1.5
  • founding in an arc furnace EAF 0.6

The company produces castings from the following alloys:

plain carbon steel

GS-45, GS-52, GS-60

low-alloy cast iron

low alloy steel

GS-16Mn5, GS-34CrMo4, 30Mn5, 36Mn5

high-alloy cast iron with special properties

G-X 300CrMo 15 3, G-X 300CrMo 15 2 1

high-alloy steel with special properties


nodular cast iron


plain cast iron


bearing cast iron


Pattern shop

“UMLZ” LLC specializes in the production of expanded polystyrene models by an autoclave method in molds of its own production. For the production of castings, modern LGM technologies are used. The raw material is injected into the mold – beaded polystyrene, then the press reform is placed in the autoclave, where the polystyrene foams and cakes, forming a model.

High precision castings

class 10-8 in accordance with GOST 26645

Surface cleanliness of castings

Rz 160

For single castings, including unique castings, which are impossible or economically inexpedient to manufacture by other methods, models are made from block polystyrene using the Thermoplotter hardware-software complex.

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